After one year of experimenting with the future of mobility we've taken time to step back and reflect on our work. With this reflection we came up with an updated mission statement.

Cover for One Year of moovel lab - Mission Statement

How time flies ... we’ve been around for more than a year now. It’s been a blast with many ups and some small downs. Looking back on the amazing projects and achievements we’ve lived through we can honestly say: we’re proud and thankful for what last year had in store for us!

We’ve recently also taken the time to step back a little. We took the chance to reflect on how the things we’ve done influenced people's views on us and also our own view of how we see ourselves - the moovel lab.

During this time we came up with an updated mission statement defining our work and the cosmos we see ourselves in - we hope you can relate to these points just as much as we do:

moovel lab:

1 ... is an antidisciplinary creative space within moovel, somewhere between a research lab and a tinker’s garage.

2 ... explores new ideas, roles, contexts and approaches for future mobility technologies.

3 ... inspires debates about future mobility and their human consequences, both positive and negative.

4 ... aims for being a thought leader in the contemporary mobility discourse.

5 ... builds high potential ideas on a low budget.

6 ... spends as much time as possible making things.

7 ... is a hub for internal and external partners to do self-initiated projects (related to mobility).

8 ... creates projects that are expressed in the most tangible/accessible/popular way possible.

9 ... addresses the broader public on the internet and especially mobility peers and design communities.