Residencies at the lab are programs to invite external creative people to work with us. We provide a limited time to reflect, research and produce great things together.

Cover for First Culinary Residence @ move lab

Last week we welcomed our first artist in residence. Unfortunately it was only a very short residency, lasting just one day. We invited Loretta to reside in our office kitchen and cook three of her delicate Italian meals. Loretta usually runs a small Italian restaurant which opens exclusively on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Our other residency programs are usually somewhat longer. We look to invite computer artists, mobility designers or anybody else with great ideas into our creative working environment. Within a given time frame, we envision our residents creating, executing and finishing their project with the resources of move lab. This doesn’t only end in great content but also enables all sides to learn from one another.

They say that “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach” - this definitely worked for Loretta’s residency and about 40 of our fellow colleagues. As well as this culinary interchange, we promise ourselves more from our residencies. Added to the cultural transfer benefits, we are always keen on getting in touch with new technologies. Realizing exciting projects together and encouraging each other's strengths are central points for us.

Just as with Loretta’s residency, we imagine a residency as a program where we can invite external creative people to work with us and provide them with a limited time to reflect, research and produce great things together in Berlin. If you think this is the perfect framework to carry out your project idea, get in touch with us! Draft your project, think about what you will need and see how it fits into the move lab universe.